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Samphire Advisory


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Samphire Advisory is our in-house team of malicious risk consultants who focus on mitigation, threat intelligence and risk analysis.  This multi-disciplined team of experts is trusted in some of the world’s most demanding sectors to provide the strategic insight, operational resilience and tactical support necessary to develop awareness, mitigate risk and protect the bottom line.

Samphire Advisory allows us to provide our partners and clients with understanding and ability to mitigate malicious and hostile risk.  Our insurance products allow them to transfer risk if required, positioning us as a truly three-dimensional expert provider of what is needed to protect people and companies from ‘bad people doing bad things’.

This capability also enables us to fuse the deep understanding and significant knowledge of our underwriters with the insight and experience of our consultants.  This nexus helps us to develop market leading products at the forefront of malicious risk mitigation, and to operate at the leading edge of insurance innovation.