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What you can expect from us

About us

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Samphire Risk commits itself to the simple promise of world class insurance, delivered by true experts with extensive experience in this complex field. Our collective expertise means we truly understand what is needed to protect people and companies from ‘bad people doing bad things’.  Our business is built around your needs and with this comes exceptional service.

We are backed by Lloyd’s of London and A-rated insurance company paper.  Our capacity partners support us to develop pioneering insurance solutions and we provide them with confidence that our understanding of complex risk in this area is outstanding.

The Samphire Team

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Charlie Hanbury

Charlie Hanbury

Chief Executive Officer

Charlie Hanbury is a long-standing presence in the crisis management world and is widely regarded as one of the leading experts on insuring against hostile actions and on kidnap for ransom in particular. He has supported a broad spectrum of clients from international corporations to private individuals.

Mark Skinner

Mark Skinner

Chief Underwriting Officer

Chief Underwriting Officer, Mark Skinner, has dedicated his career to the insurance sector and has developed true cross-class expertise. He has a laser-sharp focus on the details and always strives for the highest standards. He has a real passion for working on complex deals and unlocking portfolios on a global basis.

Lee Harrison

Underwriter and Head of Distribution

Lee is highly experienced in the malicious risk insurance sector; his career spans over 14 years including operational experience across hostile regions. He is well versed in complex environment risk placements and complements this with deep technical knowledge, understanding the confidential relationships involved. Lee is intelligent and creative in his approach, supporting brokers to find the right solutions for their clients worldwide.

Hannah Catchpole

Hannah Catchpole


Hannah Catchpole is highly experienced in malicious risks with a particular focus on kidnap for ransom, terrorism and high-risk personal accident and travel. She shares the Samphire spirit and passion for the sector and coupled with her integrity and strong work ethic is a valued member of the team.

What you can expect from us

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We set up Samphire Risk with a singular focus on hostile and malicious risk insurance. When it comes to products and service, our pledge is to always strive to do it better, to innovate and to place your best interests at the forefront of all that we do. We aim to provide business owners and those responsible for the duty of care of your people with the reassurance you need when a critical incident occurs. It may be that the nature of the event threatens the safety of your people, your reputation and your assets. We know that how you respond and react is critical. We live and breathe our values, and our code of conduct guides our actions every day.

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Incubator of Ideas
Great ideas expertly realised

Our expertise means that we truly understand what is needed to protect people and companies from ‘bad people doing bad things’.

  • There is true innovation in our range of products
  • Our independence allows us to create products as varied and different as our clients.
  • Our relationship with the leading crisis response companies in the world – and our independence from them – allows us to fit the most appropriate crisis response capability to your requirements.
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We are targeted
We have deep expertise with a singular focus.

A simple promise of world-class insurance delivered by true experts, unashamedly focused on malicious risk.

  • Within the team we have witnessed almost two decades of evolution in the malicious risks faced by policy holders.
  • It is our collective experience and expertise that allows us to be singularly focused on these risks
  • Via our risk advisory parent company we have access to proprietary data and intelligence, enabling us to offer you a broader and deeper range of analysis and expertise.
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Fleet of Foot
Time is of the essence

When it comes to managing malicious risks speed of response is critical. We strive to deliver exceptional service in times of need.

  • An encrypted and cloud-based technology platform provides high level security and data to our underwriting
  • We issue quotations and policy documents on demand, achieving certainty of cover almost instantaneously.
  • We are a small and highly personal team who live and breathe our business. We proactively communicate and aim to always be accessible to our clients.
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Standing before you 
We live our values

We stand before you in your time of need. Our code of conduct guides our actions every day.

  • We value our independence and are not tied to any organisation or stakeholder.
  • We are exclusively focused on understanding, managing and insuring against malicious and hostile risk. This focus and expertise are in our DNA.
  • With decades of collective expertise, we understand the importance of trust and discretion in this sensitive area. These values are core to our code of conduct and are always deployed with integrity.

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